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Healthy Glow Face Yoga with

Pia Airaskorpi

Pia is the Skincare expert and founder of KORPIA Face Yoga who has worked in medical aesthetic industry for nearly 15 years. In her course "3-week Healthy Face Yoga Challenge" she guides you through a three week program of KORPIA face yoga exercises for boosting your skin's health, lift your appearance and relax your mind - in an effective, effortless and safe way.

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Hi friend, nice to meet you! My name is Pia Airaskorpi. I am A Registered Nurse, Skincare expert and The Founder of KORPIA Face Yoga. Yes, face yoga means doing yoga with your face. Ever since I was 13 years old we kept girls' beauty evenings with my grandmother where we pampered ourselves. One of the rituals was face massaging and stretching - and I loved how they made me feel.

Many years later, on one grey day, while I was pregnant and felt nothing but glowing, I remembered my grandmother's teachings and started to do the exercises again. This time it became a serious love affair. I didn´t only feel much more relaxed but saw my skin becoming healthy, my profile more defined, and the forehead wrinkles caused were significantly reduced. I got hooked.

What does wellness mean to you?

Today´s healthy choices are investments for tomorrow´s self. 

How do you raise your wellness vibration?

I take care of myself holistically; physically, mentally and soulfully. I believe in simplicity and tend to do effortless health acts everyday; taking care of the amount of sleep, moving my body even for few minutes (choosing stairs over the elevator for example), caring for my skin and the way I look, enjoy nurturing vegetarian meals, educating myself by reading something interesting, hugging my family and spending time outdoors. And I love to do home spas with candles and everything. Not to forget face yoga. I feel very good in my skin today, and I want to feel this way for the rest of my life. 

What's your goal with the course? 

I hope you get inspired to take better care of yourself. Caring grows healthy selflove that makes you feel worthy. When you have an active role towards your wellbeing, you accept the changes that time brings better. It is a great feeling to realize that even though you cannot stop the aging – you can choose how it happens.